30 mars 2010


the_band_wagon_7731088WestSideStoryLogo15 The American musical, in its primitive shape, was born at the beginning of the XXth century it mixes at the same time singing, comedy and dance.
The themes of the musical can be light or tragic.

So West Side Story, (1957) inspired by the drama of Shakespeare Roméo and Juliette, cannot be considered as a "funny" room. This movie remains one most big boss of work of the musical.. HE is carried by big actors, dancers and singers such as Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Rita Moreno (Singing in the rain) and George Chakiris (the young ladies of rochefort).

THE Band Wagon dates 1930. Actor on the return, Tony Hunter (Fred Astaire) sees proposing by a couple of scriptwriters the participation in a new light and entertaining show. The anticipated director, Jeffrey Cordova (Jack Buchanan) full of his claim, look as partner to Tony the classic dancer Gabrielle Gerard ( Cyd Charisse),  But the disagreement between both is immediate, in particular because Gabrielle is bigger than Tony. The light show(entertainment) is transformed into a somber adaptation of Faust and turns out an oven. The team decides to put back on foot the initially planned show, and turns in province before the big first New Yorker.



                               Fred Astaire ,Cyd Charisse, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Liza Minelli, make party of the biggest actors of musicals.

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07 avril 2010

Tim Burton's fantastic universe.

Tim burton is an American director. Master of the fantastic and excellent storyteller, strongly influenced by the writer Edgar Allan Poe, we owe him in particular Pee-Wee Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands , Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Sweeney Todd and more recently Alice in the wonderland.

He also drafted the scenarios of Mister Jack's strange Christmas and Corpse Bride, two cartoon movies.  





What interests me at tim's burton's it is this phase of drawings preparatory before the realization of its movies.



This first sketch was realized when it worked for waltdisney on the cartoon Taram and the magic cauldron.





; white-space: pre-wrap;">Edward Scissorhands movie and legendary character of tim burton's universe. For him the image of a character endowed with scissors by way of hands trots him in the head since its earliest childhood.







Finally this sketch goes out of the universe of Mars attacks. We see here Lisa Marie, in Martian asked to murder the president, sliding without a word in the corridors of the white house, it is one of key moments of Mars Attacks.

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